Duggs Breaks Hobby Box of 2021 Donruss Football

There are a few downsides to being on the road: Doing laundry in random hotels and laundromats, Frank changing the XM radio channel to 80's countdowns even though you want to listen to Sinatra, and it's not easy to break open new packs of cards. So, while I'm in Jacksonville, I'm doing laundry at home, listening to all the Sinatra I want, and breaking some new NFL cards.

Panini has just released 2021 Donruss Football. Donruss Optic is probably my favorite set of cards, but those won't be coming out until after the season. These are the standard Donruss Football. As with all new packs, we are looking for rookie cards, especially Trevor Lawrence. The Donruss set features the "Rated Rookie" card and the rare "Downtown" case hit. Let's see what we got! 

So, we didn't get a Trevor Lawrence auto, but that is a low numbered Jalen Hurts and with a nice signature too. I'm going to open at least one more box in hopes of finding a Trevor Lawrence auto or Downtown. With boxes going for around $500, it really doesn't make financial sense to chase, especially if you're only looking for one player. The Downtown cards are case hits, so only 1 card in 18 boxes, which means you could spend $9,000 for a case and still end up with one of the other 39 players Downtown cards. When I look at it that way, the going price for a Trevor Lawrence Downtown doesn't sound too crazy.


Stay tuned for more Duggs Den and Duggs Break videos once the Den is fully set up in New York!