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Cincinnati Bearcat QB Desmond Ridder Is Getting PRETTTTYYY Cocky Before Going To Notre Dame

I've been sitting on this blog for a while. Wrestling about if I should publish or talk about it or talk shit or whatever. This quote keeps popping up in my timeline and mentions. I have finally gotten to the point where I want to say FUCK this guy. Hey Desmond, you ain't playing in Houston this week, bubba. This isn't East Carolina. You've never been in Notre Dame stadium when those gold helmets come running out of the tunnel shining in the sun. You've never heard the band banging drums, students throwing each other in the air after another ND touchdown. And apparently he's never watched Rudy because if he did he would know that nobody, and I mean NOBODY, comes into ND's house and pushes them around. Certainly not the Bearcats. This is going to be a tight game throughout. Nobody is saying otherwise. Except for Ridder, of course. This fucking guy is talking like it's going to be a blowout. It's insulting. There's a difference between confidence and cocky and he's drifted into the cocky territory so fuck him. I like the Irish today. I don't care who plays QB. ND has better players, better coaches, better athletes, and they know what it's like to play a big game and get the opponents best shot after a bye week because the Irish face that every single week. They'll be ready. They'll show up to the fight and fight in a way that Cincy hasn't seen because the biggest game in the history of their program was a month ago against Indiana. 

Give me the Irish ML. Give me the Irish with the points. Give me this FIRE hoodie

Notre Dame as a home dog...sign me up. You get to win a bet and a free hoodie for being with the faithful.