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You Can Get a Ticket to Vanderbilt-UConn This Saturday for One American Dollar

If you're a sports fan looking for something to do in Nashville this weekend, boy, do I have an amazing deal for you!

There will be a sanctioned collegiate football game played at Vanderbilt Stadium this Saturday between the 1-3 Vanderbilt Commodores and the 0-5 Connecticut Huskies. There will be an SEC team. There will be officials. The game will count as a win for someone. There might be fans.

I assume those are the only ways in which this will resemble an actual college football game.

But the privilege of watching these two titans of college football go at it — on what should be a beautiful night in Nashville — can be yours for just $1. That's right, you can sit at the 50-yard line and be one of the dozens in attendance for the same price as a McDonald's Coke.

Vanderbilt is well-known for its lack of fan support. Its stadium only gets close to being full — even at the meager capacity of 40,000 — when Tennessee or Georgia comes to town. But I expect the crowd shots from this game to be shocking, even by Vandy standards.

People quite literally can't give these tickets away.

So if you find yourself on West End tomorrow evening and for some reason want to watch this, the barrier to entry is as low as you'll ever find for a college football game. I'd still advise against it, though.