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Denzel Mims AND Jamison Crowder are Active For Jets (Zach Wilson Will Have People to Throw to)

The New York Jets #1 receiver is active this weekend.

AND the New York Jets' promising Rookie last year is active. 

I don't want to say this is the last pieces of the puzzle to finally get the Jets to actually score some points, but I am extremely optimistic. 

Denzel Mims had 1 catch for 40 yards in week one and has been out ever since. Coincidentally that is the last time the Jets scored a touchdown.

If you do not think these two will help open up the field for Wilson, who has been struggling immensely without them, I do not know what to tell you. The past 3 weeks in my opinion have been 3 instances of "Failure to launch" and this week might be the week we see them put up the points we all have been waiting for.

I mean these wideouts can show huge production, check out what they both did last season.

After watching those highlights, This is the week folks, I'm calling it. Not guaranteeing a win but definitely a competitive Jets team. Wilson is finally going to be able to make plays like this into serious gains.