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WATCH: Cannibalistic Alligator destroys fellow gator friend

Hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your fellow gators, there is a 12+ ft alligator on the loose. This may or may not be one of the biggest alligators I have ever seen and he is ruthless. An absolute unit destroying another fellow gator in the backyard of a guys home is an entire mood.

It's almost like he's been watching Dave's "One bite, everyone knows the rules" pizza reviews. By the way get your new One Bite pizza at your local Walmart. 

On a serious note, cannibalism is messed up, but in alligator world it is a common practice. I've read that they actually will eat one another so there is less competition when it comes to food and territory. 

I went gator hunting this past July and we used freshly cleaned gator as bait. Literally nothing goes to waste when alligator hunting. We cleaned the gator, got the meat and skin we wanted, then any extra bones/gator parts was sent right back into the swamp.