Marine LtCol Stuart Scheller Who Went Viral For A Rant Demanding Accountability In D.C. Has Landed In The Brig After Repeatedly Violating Lawful Orders

This story has taken the military world by storm. We first blogged it a few weeks ago. You can read what I wrote here. 

I loved the video... obviously. We posted on ZBT's instagram and twitter with a bunch of praise for being willing to speak out in the midst of a horrible withdrawal that cost 13 service members their lives as well as dozens of Afghan citizens. 

Over the last few weeks, more and more has come out surrounding the LtCol. He's now in the brig. His family has left him and he has also left his family. There's been post after post and video after video, each one more wild than the last. Because of that, we removed the videos from ZBT. I kinda thought that he was going through a mental health crisis. So many people have been egging him on while his career, family, and stability were eroding very quickly. ZBT hasnt talked about it much because we didnt want to pile on. 

Now, this story is picked up by mainstream media sites and is the subject of talkin heads debate on television. Most are still praising him for being a "patriot" and "standing up to the system." In my opinion, it's not that simple. We spent the first few minutes of today's ZBT talking about the entire story. Give it a listen.