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Old Ass Senator Embarrasses Himself In Congressional Hearing With Facebook When He Asks Them To End "Finsta"

These are the people who are in charge. Madonne!

Not everyone can know everything. CLEARLY the esteemed Senator is out of his depths here talking about social media and facebook. Doesn't even have the SLIGHTEST idea of what he's talking about even when the representative from facebook is telling him what "finsta" is he still doesn't get it. How can this guy be in charge? How is he allowed to have time to question facebook? How can he not do one second of research about social media before he tries to hold facebook's feet to the fire and have them commit to ending something that doesn't really even exist? I mean, call one of your pencil neck squires in before this hearing and have them explain to you what a finsta is so you don't embarrass yourself on a national stage. Better yet…if you know this hearing is coming up, a hearing that I would say is of VITAL importance, do so much research that you can actually ask poignant questions that informs your policy decision. 


People wonder how things get so fucked up and it's because the people who are in charge don't actually seem to give a fuck about their jobs. It's the old Joker quote. These people that want to get elected to prestigious positions are like dogs chasing cars and they don't know what to do once they get them. I mean if this guy can't figure out facebook how is he going to solve things like ya know…the debt ceiling, Afghanistan, crypto, China, immigration, health care, etc. Nobody can know everything about everything, like I said above. But luckily, that is not what is being asked here. This guy just needs to prepare for the committees and issues on which he serves. He just has to do some research. Some. Not a lot. He'll still be able to get lunch with the fellas from Raytheon. A little effort goes a long way. It's all just a big joke though