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Urban Meyer Was Reportedly "Heartbroken" After Last Night's Loss

I've been joking about Urban for weeks, doing Monday Morning Wellness Checks and transcribing fake phone calls from USC. But the fun and games are over. I'm worried about my Coach. Heartbroken? After all that thing has been through? I'm not a doctor, but I don't know how much more can one man's heart can take. Get this man some Papa Johns, ASAP.

I don't even know how to react to these sad, mournful press conferences. With each loss, you can see the life leaving him. He looked whiter than a ghost last night. Begging the fans to stick with this team. I mean, he even dropped a "there's good guys with good hearts in that locker room". Lots of H words being tossed around, now that I think about it. Is he trying to classically condition us? But buddy, as much as the entire world is intently watching and reminding you of your winless NFL record, what did he or we expect to happen? The Jaguars have now lost 19 straight games. Bill Belichick wouldn't have turned them around yet either. The fact of the matter is that Urban shouldn't have taken this job if he was concerned about immediate success. 

As for Urban's actual coaching of the team, hindsight is 20/20, but it does appear he should've just kicked the field goal at the end of the 2nd quarter and taken a 3 score lead into the half. But also, if they get one inch on the goal line there, they take a 21-0 lead into the half. People are hating on him for not taking the points, but they also loved Harbaugh and Lamar Jackson going for it the other night. These are decisions that look great when they work out and look dumb when they don't. I don't have any problems with his coaching of this team. They're just not very good.

HOWEVER, upon an intense study of the Jaguars remaining schedule (top 5 easiest in the NFL), they're going to win some games. Their schedule is too bad not to. Sure, there are 7 more games that this roster simply is going to compete in, but they play some BAD teams as well.....

The key for me is the Dolphins game in two weeks over in London. Potentially the most important game in Urban Meyer's life. If they can't win that one, Urban is starting off his NFL career 0-8, and I think he's spending his Thanksgiving Weekend getting to know USC Athletic Director, Mike Bohn. If he can get a win, the end of their schedule is really bad. He just needs to be able to get to it, and they'll win another one or two. But I'm not sure he, or his heart, can afford to start off 0-10.

Do we think he's actually contemplating USC? 10 days before his next game….sitting at 0-4…..it has to cross his mind. I know the whole world is joking about it, but seriously, would he consider? I think he has to.