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Joel Embiid Is Finally Taking Off The Gloves And Calling Ben Simmons The Snake He Is

Jesse D. Garrabrant. Getty Images.

Finally. FINALLY. 

Look, I get it. I understand why the Sixers have been needing to choose their words carefully when it comes to Simmons. I get why they need to borderline simp over this creep to the media. They either need A) Ben Simmons to come back and play to restore his trade value or B) just not give the Players Association any reason to back Ben.

But if this weasel is going to keep having his agent leak out different people Ben is blaming for this situation and besmirching those who have done nothing but go out of their way to accommodate the guy? Well it’s about damn time the gloves come off. It’s about damn time that Jo gets to say what he really wants to say. And this probably isn’t even a tenth of it.

I say if Joel Embiid wants to spend an hour of media availability to spill each and every drop of tea on why Ben Simmons is a gutless sack of shit, then the team should let him. A man can only be disrespected for so long.

P.S. - Bring back Jimmy Butler. I don’t care what it takes to make it happen.