McDonald's Needs To Be Stopped After Bringing Back The McRib For The 11th Time

Really? Friggen REALLY? That's what this tweet from yesterday was referring to?


That's a bigger disappointment than the later seasons of the Walking Dead. And the thing is those 2 are more similar than you think because I kept having faith in the Walking Dead over and over again until the last straw finally hit which was the Glenn cliffhanger much like I keep thinking Mccy Ds' announcement won't just be the 10,000th announcement that the McRib is back. And it's nothing against the McRib- the McRib is a tasty product whenever you can get your hands on it. We used to have a very similar sandwich in high school and it was always a joyous day when that would be on the onion. The nice pork with the BBQ sauce and onions makes for exquisite stuff.

It's more that there's just way more opportunities for McDonald's to bring other things back or even invent new menu items! I saw someone tweet at me suggesting they bring back the Steak, Egg, and Cheese bagel which was always FIRE from back in the day. it may be sacreligious to say this as someone from Long Island, but those McDonald's simply slap. No 2 ways around it...they taste fucking good & I miss it. 

But really the main thing I need back in my life from McDonald's is their goddamn tendies. Their tendies were so fucking good & ever since the pandemic started they went to a more broken down menu which the tendies were sadly a casualty on. You really don't know what you have until its gone. I just want one more late Sunday night driving through to get a quick 6 piece selects and fountain soda along with honey mustard and ranch. That's it. Maybe one day we will meet again, tendies. Until then I'll be staring at the McRib on the menu.