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Barstool Backstage Episode 5 Featuring Lost Kings

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A couple weeks ago Tevo and I headed down to Washington D.C. and one of the best live music venues on the East Coast/Mid Atlantic- Echo Stage.

Echo Stage is a 3,000-person state-of-the-art mega venue that quickly became a staple for artists and music lovers along the East Coast. It boasts a sprawling, 30,000 plus sq. ft. layout, top-tier sound design and advanced LED visual displays. Fans voted Echostage as DJ Mag’s #1 North American nightclub for three consecutive years. 

While maintaining #1 in the country, Echostage jumped from #8 to #4 worldwide in 2018 and recently was voted #2 in the world in 2019 (the highest a North American venue has ever placed).

It’s no surprise that the versatile space has attracted industry heavyweights such as David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Avicii, Armin van Buuren, Hardwell, and Tiesto.

But we were there to catch Lost Kings.

The Lost Kings are no strangers to Barstool. Caleb has known them forever, and actually followed them on the road a few years ago to a couple shows in fact. He produced a pretty great video of it all too.

The duo, comprised of members Nick and Rob, are big Stoolies, and this show was somewhat of a homecoming show for them.

Rob is from Massachusetts and went to school in the DMV area. Nick is from the DMV and went to school in Boston. It was one of the first shows they'd played (indoors, and that wasn't a festival) in a long time so they were really looking forward to it. And they brought their families and friends along for the show.

As you'll see from the interview, these guys are super hard-working, and extremely grateful for everything they've achieved. As successful as they are, you can't help but feel they're just getting started and the sky's the limit for them. 

As you'll see from the part of the show, their live performances are madness.

I mean, who the fuck just casually brings out Alexander Ovechkin in the middle of their set to raise the roof, get the crowd hyped, and then body slam them on the DJ booth?

Lost Kings are in the middle of touring, so if you're around Portland, Denver, or Vegas in the next week be sure to catch them. 

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