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Shakira Attacked By Wild Boars

Shakira was accosted by wild boars in a park in Barcelona with her son. Apparently, the Wild Boars took her backpack and ran away from the scene and into the woods. Now she and her hips both do not lie because her son named Milan corroborated her story that she fought off several wild boars accosting her. Now let me tell ya, the wild boar in Spain are nowhere close to the size of the Wild Boar in the U.S south. These wild boar are little urban pests in Barcelona eating trash like raccoons or possums. These aren't like the beasts Syndey Wells was shooting "Fortunate Son" Vietnam style out of a helicopter.

Now before I get into Wild Hogs in Europe let me post all the Shakira content that you horny fucks clicked here for. You are no better than the pigs that took her bag.

Giphy Images.

Do you need more or can I start talking about feral pigs?

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Are we good?

Ok Feral Hogs in the U.S are different from the ones in Europe in many ways.

The American hogs have cross-bred with farm pigs that are so much larger, and become gigantic specimens that have the meat-producing power of pigs made for bacon and the wild boar component so that they can survive in the wild.

Shakira wouldn't be able to do shit vs these hogs.

The hogs she's dealing with are tiny and roam around tons of European cities. Most recently they are a huge problem in Rome.

Those little pigs have zero meat production ability and don't have the genetics of thousands of years of selective breeding pig farmers have used in domesticating the Hogs. The American Wild Boars are the product of escaped farm pigs, and invasive wild boars literally brought over by Christopher Columbus.

Feral Hogs are a serious problem and I'm glad Shakira's news allowed me to bring them to your attention. They cause millions of dollars of agriculture and property destruction a year.