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Billy Joel Just Released An Official Music Video For Scenes From An Italian Restaurant A Mere 44 Years After It Came Out & It's Perfect

Now THIS is you do a little Thursday pick-me-up. Absolutely gorgeous stuff from our king to get us rolling into the weekend. It obviously always sucks how there's been so many bangers throughout history that didn't get the good old fashioned music video treatment due to them kind've being before music video's time so it's great to see the greatest song ever made get what it's deserved for 44 years and counting. I know Elton John did this whole idea a few years ago which made for great video with Rocket Man. 


And now our king takes that torch. It was very entertaining getting to see this all come to life in seemingly some sort of Billy Joel cinematic universe. The MCU is out. The BJCU is in. It kicks off at Mr. Cacciatore's down on Sullivan Street (shoutout Movin' Out) before getting a quick shot of the bar from Zanzibar as well. The BJCU! Eventually we obviously get into Brenda & Eddie's whole story in that interesting drawing animation-type thing which was awesome to see. I'm nowhere near the type of guy that gives a fuck about lyrics on a song, but it's different with Scenes from an Italian Restaurant and this story was executed wonderfully. I am very happy this was made.

Now I just can't wait for the Scenes from an Italian Restaurant movie inevitably starring Ralph Macchio or Kevin James as Eddie. Going to be fucking awesome.