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Get Hyped Up For 'The Many Saints Of Newark' With This 'Sopranos' Highlight Reel


Before I write anything- DO NOT WATCH THAT VIDEO IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE SOPRANOS AND PLAN ON WATCHING. Now...How could you not be romantic about the Sopranos? It's impossible to not be and that video just confirmed it. Now it may be difficult for some folks to watch 86 friggen hours of television before the biggest day of our lives tomorrow so I think it was a beautiful thing that HBO decided to cut us up this montage for us. I always knew those bastards had some sweet editing skills due to their Thrones videos they used to make so this came as no surprise.

Now obviously their intention was to get us roped in in order to watch the movie on HBO Max tomorrow (which I will not be doing since David Chase said to watch in theaters) and boy rope us in they did. I actually haven't even watched the series in probably over a year & all this did was reinvigorate for me just how good it fucking is. The deaths, the fighting, all the friggen comedy, and most importantly all the wonderful acting. James Gandolfini and Edie Falco are literally masters of the craft. They just cannot be topped no if's and's or but's.

So as we sit here and enjoy that video on Many Saints Of Newark Eve let's realize how lucky we are to get to enjoy this flick tomorrow. Couldn't be any more confident that it's going to be fucking awesome after seeing all the trailers & reading the reviews. Here's 10,000 other Sopranos movies in the future.