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Absolutely TERRIBLE News: Sturgill Simpson Is Done Singing For A While After He Ruptured His Vocal Chords

Turns out I did in fact unfortunately hemorrhage /rupture my vocal chords after all. I am currently getting the best treatment available and should fully recover but its gonna be a long hot minute before I can return to stage.

I just wanted to turn this thing back on for about 15 seconds to say Im sorry to everyone that had tickets to the remaining shows and to thank everyone that has supported me over the years..its been an incredibly fun, rewarding, and educational journey.
I played all the venues I dreamed about playing as a kid, met all my heroes, even became friends with most of them, and got to work and play with some of the finest musicians on the planet over the years.

But on the bright side, now I can finally really focus on other pursuits and areas of passionate interest..like becoming the best hitman I can be.

I didn't even know it was possible to have a hemorrhage on your vocal chords, but apparently it is and that is TERRIBLE news for anyone who enjoys music. He's the last person I would ever want this to happen to. Why couldn't this happen to someone like Dave or Carl? 

Sturgill is probably my favorite artist of all-time and I guess when you sing that hard for that long with a voice like that the instrument in throat can just go bust. Devastating. I was really hoping to see him in concert this year, but sounds like that is out. In the meantime here my favorite rendition of one of his best songs