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Tim Anderson Suspended 3 Games For Making Contact With An Umpire *Rolls Eyes*

In the grand scheme of things this isn't *THAT* big of a deal, but it's still fucking stupid. TA can't put himself in this position. It hurts the team. I haven't seen the video, and I'm assuming it was basically harmless, but it doesn't matter. Can't touch an ump. This is exactly why I tweeted this... soon as the benches cleared on Monday. The Tigers had zilch to play for. Zip. Nada. The White Sox? They have everything to play for. Literally. I know this isn't going to affect him in the playoffs, but it's REALLY REALLY important that the team takes these last 4 games and develop lineup cohesion and continuity. 

Since he's appealing, today is the first time this entire season (!!!) a lineup that we could theoretically see against RHP this postseason will be on the field:

Can't develop cohesion if your leadoff hitter is suspended. 

Now, it's not the BIGGEST deal, and it's pretty much a non-issue if the appeal keeps him in the lineup throughout the remainder of the regular season, but still man. Gotta be smarter. He's a massive piece in what the White Sox are looking to accomplish in the next month of the season and he can't help the team if he's on the bench. Simple as that. 

Hopefully this carries over into 2022 and this turns into a big nothing burger. If that's the case then whatever. But I want this exact lineup (while switching Vaughn in for Sheets against LHP) playing the last 4 games of the year. Lineup cohesion is a real thing, even if there's no way to prove that with numbers. Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb. 

Don't put yourself in a position to have the league swing an axe at your neck. Simple as that.