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The Voice of Reason We All Need for Brady vs. Belichick Week: OJ Simpson

With my heart, my soul, and my spirit all whirring around in a metaphysical blender as GOATerdammerung approaches, this is what I need. This is the stuff. Perspective. Clarity. Wise, sage counsel from America's great Life Coach, OJ Simpson. The Juice just running through one great point after another like they're defenders on the 1969 Buckeyes. For the second time in less than a week, he's making more sense than anybody:


Of course Brady didn't make Belichick. Or vice versa. They did it together. Would anyone say Red Auerbach would've been nothing without Bill Russell? Hmm? What about all those championships Michael Jordan didn't win without Phil Jackson? Ditto Kobe Bryant. How about that? It's a dumb argument indeed. I mean, WHAT IF Belichick had gone to Tampa and Brady stayed in New England? Did we ever think of that? It's incredible how a man can dispense so much wisdom from a practice range while waiting to tee off. 

Once again, I'm certainly gratified to be in total agreem-- 

Oh, fuck it. Here's 11 minutes of Norm MacDonald disobeying orders from NBC to stop making OJ jokes just because the network president and Nordberg were friends:

God rest Norm's soul.  And if OJ could stop making sense, I'd feel a lot better about myself. At least no one was brutally murdered in the filming of this Tweet.