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Oh Hell Yes! The Big East Is Going To Have A 'Red Zone-Style' Channel For Basketball Games On Opening Night


Fuck. Yes. This needs to be a permanent thing. Give me the option of watching full games and Red Zone style, just like we have for football. It's no secret that there are a million college basketball games on at once, especially when we get into January. Just give me some Red Zone style channel, I'll even pay for it. Having that on one TV and games on the others is a no-brainer. Also grow up, be an adult and get more than one TV. That's especially true if you have a kid and can put their shit on one and your games on the other. Must have. 

While having it on opening night is nice, those games tend to be blowouts. Give it to me on New Year's Day when we get conference games going. Make it a one-time thing. Have all the games tip off within like 15 minutes of each other so it's staggered. Let me have the live look ins Red Zone style. I still don't know exactly how it will work, but if it's a close game or just bounce around when things are happening. It's important to have a host that can tell me what I missed too. But this is something that I've screamed about before. 

Speaking of the schedule, this is dumb as shit. 

College basketball is always trying to figure out a way to get in the news early in the season. Here we have UCLA vs Nova, a top-10 matchup. They put it at 11:30 at night? What are we doing? It's a Friday too! You're telling me they can't find time to put that game on at like 8:30? It's going to get lost the very next morning when everyone is focused on college football. At least give people a chance at night to talk about the game. It's amazing how bad college basketball can be when it comes to scheduling things like this. 

But Red Zone style channels? Give me that all season please.