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Stephen A. Smith With Shockingly The Most Rational And Accurate Ben Simmons Take Ever Heard

Ben Simmons being a "Jump shot away from LeBron" aside (he'd be GREAT and HOF worthy but being in that Jordan/James/GOAT convo is a bit much), a shocking rational and accurate take from professional Hot Take machine Stephen A. Smith. He knows what he's talking about, too. Stephen A. might have been born in the Bronx but he wrote for the Philly Inquirer for over a decade and gets this city. 

And other than the LeBron comment, Stephen A. is SPOT ON. Look how much respect, love, and admiration we have for players like Joel, AI, Chase Utley, and so on. You come to play and play to win that's all we ask for and more. Even if he magically grows a pair, reports to camp next week, and comes in with the right attitude, killer instinct, and works on improving I GUARANTEE this fan base would go back to unequivocally blowing him. But unfortunately Ben Simmons wants to mangina sashay out of here after one bad playoff series (really just the final 3 games) a year after he signed a MAX CONTRACT to stay. And it sucks. I'm currently all in the camp to bench/fine Ben out of spite all 4 years left if the Sixers can't get some sort of desired return out of a trade. And if that deal does happen, heaven help the Diva even if he never again returns to Philly (like it's being reported)...

You better believe we'll have a "Ben Simmons Boo Bus" presented by First Time, Long Time following him around to Madison Sq. Garden, DC, and beyond just to give him hell. Join the cause now - HERE.