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Breaking Down Josh Allen Winning AFC Offensive Player Of The Week

Jeffrey T Barnes. Shutterstock Images.

As a huge New York State Sports fan (Let me forget about the Jets for 15 minutes) it's great to see Buffalo seriously bounce back from their Week 1 loss to the Steelers. I am going to post as many awesome Josh Allen plays from the first three games to celebrate his AFC Offensive Player of the Week honor in an effort to begin building his resume for MVP. I will start with Week 2 because we are putting Week 1 behind us. 

There's not much to say about this onslaught of absolute dimes. He really can make deep throws that no one else can, that defenses don't even have schemes to even cover. Who the hell knows how to game plan for what looks like 30 yard out routes? A lot of seamless dimes out of play action. The stats just speak for themselves.

The Bills even pieced together all of his impossible plays to show how this man defies physics and statistics.

I mean how do you defend plays like this?

It's not like he is even always taking the risky throws either, he is taking check-downs even when he (at least I think) could take huge downfield risks. 

You can see all his highlights from Week 3 here, and let me tell you, Josh is playing Madden.

It's a long season but when a man is giving off looks like this there's a storm a-brewin'.