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RIP Soldier Field: The Bears Just Signed A Purchase Agreement For Arlington Heights

Damn, the McCaskey's didn't even wait until the racetracks body was cold.

Should be no surprise to anybody at this point though. You can feel however you want and I understand those feelings, but at the end of the day these people are all about the color green. Virginia's ass might as well buy the old Nickelodeon slimer because they're going to make so much more damn money with this move.

We'll get into it a ton on Thursday's episode of Red Line Radio i'm sure. Right now I just don't have the urge to care about anything until the McCaskey's fire these bozos Nagy & Pace. Make that announcement next please.

P.S. - I'm aware it's only a purchase agreement and that Lightfoot has said she wants to do whatever she can to help the Bears stay at Soldier Field, but this has gotta be a done deal right? Only way it's saved is if she somehow agrees to build a new stadium and lord knows we don't have the finances for that shit.