Y'all Wanna See A Dead Baseball? Well Luis Robert MURDERED This Pitch

Here's a cool fan angle:

I want to make it clear that I am not embellishing in ANY way with what I'm about to say: Luis Robert has the talent to be a top 3 player in baseball. Maybe the BEST player in baseball. Go ahead and talk all your shit. Sox fans know exactly what I'm talking about. You can fucking hear his bat speed and the ball sounds different when he finds a barrel. 

This was his 2nd bomb of the night, and thus far in 2021 he's done this:

And he's doing that while playing a gold glove caliber center field. The dude just isn't human. Health will play a massive role in whether or not he reaches his full potential, but Jesus Christ is he talented. His approach and baseball acumen in general is awesome, his "twitch" is in the 100th percentile and it doesn't even seem like he's reached his potential yet. That's the craziest part. He does all of this casually. Here's his full career to date: 

I really think they have a generational talent on their hands. What he's doing right now is absolutely fucking absurd. I cannot wait until the whole world sees it in a few weeks