The Mintzy Experiment: Critics and Cynics

The subject has been reacting amazingly to all of the experiments. It is a marathon, not a sprint. Mintz has been making significant progress in his strength gains as well as cardiovascular health.


We are using basic movements to start activating muscles so that complex movements can be implemented in the future. You have to do weighted walk-ups before you can start doing hang cleans.

some flat bench burnouts in the kitchen. Ben has been reacting really well.

There are though several haters.

There are people out there who don't want to see Mintzy win. They don't want Mintzy to get jacked and don't believe my heart is in the right place. These baffoons are mad they don't have the drive, acumen, or balls to make the steps Mintz has to better himself. They hate the experiment because no one wants to invest in them like I am investing in Mintz. And Mintz is doing amazing. His endorphin rushes he gets after he works out he says is better than booze. He used to really, really love booze. Checkout the receipts for yourself, he texts me shit like this all the time. 


Ben is completely loving the results he's getting especially in daily energy and mood. The negative reinforcement isn't even necessary anymore because he's loving the benefits of his new lifestyle.