Arizona State's Fullback Can't Stop Breaking His Facemask

Rick Scuteri. Shutterstock Images.

Someone better get this guy a titanium facemask because whatever they are making his out of isn't durable enough. I found the hit he dented it on and boy it makes a sound. He's #44 the fullback who comes screaming across the line and picks up the edge rusher for the touchdown. Ultimate FB assist. I think if he keeps this up and puts a couple more on his chain it will put him in the running for the Lowman trophy-The most prestigious college Fullback award.

The hit should be at 18 seconds (should start there). He looks like he's about to be tee'd off on but ends up bringing enough force to make sure the rusher doesn't blow up the backfield.

If I was a metal works company around Tempe, AZ I would sign this guy to a NIL deal stat and make him a facemask durable enough to withstand how hard he hits. He's also a former walk-on, now on scholarship.