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Eminem Is Opening A Restaurant In Detroit And The Name Couldn't Be More Perfect

Detroit Free Press - Eminem's restaurant, called Mom's Spaghetti, will open a permanent brick-and-mortar location on Woodward across from Comerica Park. The spot is within the recently opened Union Assembly restaurant on the ground floor of Little Caesars world headquarters. 

Mom's Spaghetti's grand opening is set for 5 p.m. Wednesday, according to a news release at The location is 2131 Woodward Ave.. Part of the project is a retail store called The Trailer above the pasta operation. 

The restaurant will be a walk-up window and The Trailer is the upstairs retail store within Union Assembly. 

Mom's Spaghetti's concept is centered on the Detroit rapper's lyrics from "Lose Yourself." 

The restaurant menu is simple with just three items. There's a plate of Mom's Spaghetti for $9 or $12 if you add meatballs. The Sghetti Sandwich is $11. Beverages are $4. 

Mom's Spaghetti first launched as a pasta pop-up in 2017 at The Shelter in Detroit. It was part of Eminem's release of "Revival." Union Joints also worked on that Mom's Spaghetti project, according to the news release.  

I love everything about this. 

The marketing


The packaging-


And obviously, the name the most. What a no-brainer yet brilliant go-to for this. 

Leave it to that smart fuck Paul Rosenberg to find yet another way to capitalize on the brand that is Marshall Mathers. In the most perfect place possible, "The Shelter". The spot where it all began.

I know the question on everybody's mind here. Is the spaghetti any good? 

Well, you have my word that I'll make the trip up to the D in the next week and try it. (I also want to hit Toney Island which I don't stop hearing about while I'm there if anybody wants to join me)

Even if the food sucks, they will make a fortune on all the special edition merch they will be peddling out of here. MGK opened a coffee shop in the East Flats in Cleveland and there is a line down the street 7 days a week all hours of kids waiting to get in there to snap a pic for Instagram, and buy a shirt or hat. They will blow through this stuff for Eminem.

But the food won't suck because the guys behind Vinsetta Garage are running it. They are awesome at what they do, have some great concepts, and are so fucking lucky to have landed this partnership. 

Stay tuned for the official review of Mom's Spaghetti coming next week.

p.s. - we actually did an early Blackout show at The Shelter back in the day. It was a disaster from an attendance standpoint because nobody had a clue what Barstool was, never mind the Blackout Tour, and we had zero following in Detroit. The owners and staff there were so confused. But the highlight of the show was getting to hang out upstairs in the green room, and see the bathroom stalls where everybody who had come through there had signed their names. All the D12 guys, Kid Rock, and of course Insane Clown Posse. Awesome experience even though I think 30 people total showed up. 10 of which were my friends out of pity.