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Man City's Manager Said He Had No Clue How To Stop PSG But Wanted Messi To Play ... Messi Promptly Scores His First Goal

[The Sun] - The veteran forward has been nursing a knee injury which has forced him out of recent matches – but was back in training over the weekend. While it might make City’s job easier if he does not fully recover, Pep insists he would prefer to see him play.

He said: “Hopefully on Tuesday he can play, for the benefit of the game.”

Well let's go ahead and fast forward to today. 

Now let's insert some Curb music and check in on Pep. 

Yep that checks out. It was only a matter of time before Messi scored for PSG. He's too good, too fast, too much of the GOAT not to get one. It's only fitting it came against Pep, his former coach, and in the Champions League. Stopping Mbappe and Neymar? Sure, Pep could handle that. Throw in Messi? Well, you get this sort of result. 

Honestly I was just hoping for Messi, Mbappe and Neymar all to score. I'll take the Messi goal with the assist from Mbappe, but all three scoring would have just been perfect.