Get Caught Up On Everything That Happened On The Sopranos In 9 Minutes Before Watching "The Many Saints Of Newark" This Weekend

I imagine most of us could use a nice Sopranos refresher before we see The Many Saints Of Newark this weekend. Looking back, I suppose a full rewatch of The Sopranos would've been a smart move for me to do during the last 18 months of moderate-to-heavy isolation at home considering I knew the movie was coming out and I was overdue for another rewatch of one of the greatest shows ever instead of just doomscrolling on Twitter every day. However, that would have been the move of someone with a brain, which is clearly not me.

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I always appreciate Paulie's brutal honesty, even if it's directed toward me

So I guess this tidy recap narrated by someone speaking super fast better than I can speak at normal speed will have to do before we watch the origin story of Tony Soprano while shoveling as much popcorn into our face as possible like Tony used to do with his cold cuts, regardless if we watch it at the movie theater or on HBO MAX. While you are there, make sure to stick around during the credits because there is some sort of scene based on the must have app for movie fans After Credits. I'm not expecting to see Nick Fury trying to recruit a young Tony Soprano for the Avengers but it says there will be something to see. Maybe it'll be an ode to one of the greatest to ever wear the black hat.

If you are fiending more Sopranos content before checking out the flick, make sure to watch this week's Dog Walk Sopranos Draft as it does a great job recapping the show while also getting you hyped for the movie.

Also here are a bunch of recaps from Seasons 1-6 to whet the appetite.