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Peyton Manning Fired An All Time Ricochet Shot Joe Buck's Way Last Night

Suck it Joe Buck. 

Petty, sarcastic, asshole Peyton is the best kind of Peyton.

I'm talking SNL skit firing missiles at kids heads Peyton.

Not sell-out, dorkish Mastercard "Cut that meat Peyton".

Or throw his teammates under the bus Peyton.

But this Peyton we saw last night? Feed us more. 

Raw, unfiltered, saying what everybody else in the world thinks out loud on National television. Gotta love it. 

And he's dead-on here. Every football fan who tunes into a Tony Romo, Jim Nantz broadcast seems to adore the pair. They play off each other like a perfect ying and yang, each complimenting the other's strengths and balancing the weaknesses. But that's just CBS being CBS. The superior broadcast. Fox, with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, is like the poor man's, homeless man's Nantz and Romo. 

Manning was obviously joking around with this, but he also knows there's a giant part of the football watching population that despises Buck's presence on every big game Fox covers.

I hate how much I'm beginning to enjoy Peyton Manning outside of football.

p.s. - this was gold as well