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The Misfits Current Ranking In The Dozen Is Way More Insulting Than The Amazing Race Labeling A Team 'Virgins'

So I've been on a rewatch of Amazing Race lately. I love the show because I love most of these types of shows. It's also the one show I feel most confident in winning as long as I didn't have to bungee jump. So as I slapped on Hulu today to have something on as I worked season 4 of the show started and I saw this. I can't think of a more outrageous way to describe a team on a reality show than 'dating 12 years/virgins.' Do you really need the virgins part? Of course not, but I'm thrilled they put it in there. Just laugh out loud funny.

What's not laugh out loud funny? The Dozen Season 2 rankings. 

12th? Fucking 12th? Are you kidding me? This is more insulting than putting virgin under my face on national TV every week. We were the runner ups last year from the 7 seed. We're 1-2 this year with the toughest strength of schedule out there. We lost to Yak because we couldn't think of snacks, we beat Chicago and then we put up a dud when the Honkers were hot. Sometimes you have an off night. I can admit I was off against Honkers. Fucking Josh Childress and Alex Len. 

But 12th? Okay, fine. There's just one thing the Misfits have to do again. Win. That's a promise. What I don't care for is Gooch trying to stir up an already torn locker room. 

My team is my team and my guys are my guys. Now that said, we know what the GM wants from us. If we can't make the jump from 12 maybe changes will be made. The Dozen is about a few things - winning, being entertaining and adapting. I won't be afraid to poach someone from another roster if I have to. I'm not happy about being 12th just like I wasn't happy losing in the title game. We're hitting the film room as we speak and figuring out morale at the same time. There will be a revenge game whenever Jeff calls our number again. 

Still can't get over virgins though. 2003 was a hilarious time.