We Are Going To Have Baby Wooly Mammoths In 4 To 6 Years

Oh FUCK yeah. If you've followed dogwalk the last couple of years you know that Eddie and I fucking LOVE the Pleistocene era. Big fans of the extinct species of the North American savannah. The king and most famous of those species is the wooly mammoth and's coming back. Not in a movie. Not in think tanks. Not in our grandchildren's lifetime. No. It is happening NOW. Like currently the tech is happening. It is crazy to say, but there are going to be Wooly Mammoths walking around our planet before the Bears have a new stadium. 

These guys were unbelievable to talk to. This is something I'd like to do more of in the future. Find industry leaders and brilliant people and make them sit with us idiots to break down the big questions we have about when I get to pet a wooly mammoth. George Church is a Harvard geneticist. A leading scientist in his field. An award winner for his work in gene sequencing, synthetic biology, and genome engineering. That guy talked to us and offered me equity(verbal contracts are binding). Fascinating interview. I wish we had three hours to talk about this stuff and his other projects. I need to keep his partner on this project, Ben Lamm, close because my next move is to convince them to bring back the short faced bear. Can't miss out on that. 

Fascinating interview, incredible technology, and what seem like genuinely good guys.