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Eli Manning Is Casually Flipping Double Birds On Monday Night Football

Can the Giants retire Eli's number again? It takes a special man with some serious stones to toss up the double bird live on a network owned by Mickey Mouse. But Eli Manning did it. You know why? Because he's Eli fucking Manning, the man who toppled the greatest dynasty we will ever see. Twice. Eli knew exactly what he was doing when he said someone could blur it out even though that's quite simply not how live TV works. But he didn't care as a classic prankster which is why he let those birds fly followed by the "apology" that the ESPN suits clearly forced him to do.

The best part about all this is that I guarantee that was the exact excuse Eli gave to Archie the first time he got caught throwing up the middle finger. He threw the awwww shucks Eli voice on and said he was just showing them what some 9 year old did to him. 

Never change Eli. But also please don't get fired by the network that clearly doesn't know how to handle comedic geniuses on their airwaves and force us to watch Steve Levy & Co. ever again. 

Rooting for the Giants may cause me nothing but pain. However rooting for Eli every Monday night has been a delight. Damn it feels good to be 3-0 so far this year even though it sucks we have to wait until Week 7 for our next Manningcast.