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Unlock The OTs 9 ASAP - Here's Why It's The Next Best Gun In Warzone

Without a doubt this is the strongest SMG in the game at this time and it's VERY useable. The gun doesn't have a ton of a recoil, but it does have a small magazine size so you'll be reloading often. Throw on a fast mag and you'll be back in the fight in no time.

In the gameplay above, I dropped a 21 kill gameplay using a Kar98k and OTs 9 loadout! My OTs 9 isn't even fully ranked up and it's still my preferred gun of choice. By the end of this video, I simply wasn't missing. The snipes were on point and we were wiping squads left and right, headshot after headshot.

Recently, the Bullfrog got nerfed as well (RIP) - so I've been looking for my next favorite SMG and we finally found it. If you haven't unlocked the OTs 9, do it ASAP and start ranking it up. Thank me later and checkout the video above to see it in action!