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Jose Abreu Got Plunked And Tried To Take Out Detroit's Entire Roster With His Bare Hands

This was a big ol' nothing burger just like 99% of "fights" in baseball are. There weren't even any ejections pretty sure. Abreu has been plunked like 1000x this year so he boiled over, but Goodrum at 2nd? Fuck outta my face. Abreu had a good, clean, hard slide and did NOTHING wrong. Grow a nut sack, Goodrum, ya bitch. 

Thank god it was just another example of a bunch of hold-me-backs after the benches cleared because the Tigers have ZILCH to pay for and the White Sox cannot afford a single suspension. Just get off the goddamn field, win the game, and figure out if you wanna plunk someone on Detroit next year. Don't worry about them now. They're gum under your shoes. 

PS - top 3 players on Sox I wouldn't want to fight

3. Crochet (big dumb hillbilly)
2. Abreu (farm boy strength and a little crazy)
1. Hendriks (psychopath with the loose cannon gene)

That's it. That's the ranking.