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Patriots Fans React to the Tom Brady Return Video SNF Did and It's Clear We are Not Ready for This Emotional Storm

Tom Brady. Foxboro. Six banners. Six billion memories. Adele's bittersweet lyrics, heartbreaking vocals and haunting melody. As much as you might have thought months of anticipation would prepare you for this moment, now that it's mere days away, you realize a million years wouldn't be enough time. The cut is still too deep. The hurt is too raw. The wound too salty.

Not for me, anyway. And judging by the reactions so far, not for many of us. 

This video has gone viral so this is just a tiny sliver of the reaction, obviously. Posts like this are playing out all across the socials. And it's only Monday. Lord help me as I try to get through six more days of this. Professional counseling, going off the grid entirely, or possibly even a medically induced coma until it's all over might be the only ways to survive it. But I'm not ruling out the bathtub toaster. Lord help us all.