A Reinstated Josh Gordon Will Be Signing With The Chiefs


And here we go again! I love the annual "Josh Gordon is signing with a contender" tweet from Schefter. New England, and then Seattle, and now Kansas City. Guy is chasing Super Bowls and I love that for him. I also appreciate he still wants to play football. He's been suspended more times than I can count, but still comes back every time. Weirdly, he hasn't had a good season since 2013 but has enough natural talent that teams are always willing to take a flier on him.



Will this be the time Gordon lands on his feet and breaks out again? I certainly hope not! No just kidding. Addiction is a motherfucker and I root for him. I think it's bullshit he gets to go right to Mahomes and the Chiefs though. He should have to work his way back up, like go to the Lions or some shit. Seems like a cheat code for him to go to KC. And our beloved WFT team plays them in a few weeks. Sucks.