Bradley Cooper, Sean Penn & More Star In The First Trailer For PTA's New Movie 'Licorice Pizza'

Set in 1970s San Fernando Valley, the film follows a high school student, who is also a successful child actor.


This movie was operating under a different name, "Soggy Bottom", for a while but this Paul Thomas Anderson movie has been in my sights. It has a killer cast of recognizable names like Cooper, Penn, Waits, Rudolph and Stiller while adding some new blood in Alana Haim(Guitarist for the band Haim) and Cooper Hoffman. For those of you that are fans of PTA, the starring role going to Philip Seymour Hoffman's son should be a really heartwarming read. PTA and PSH combined to make some fantastic work in Boogie Nights, Magnoia, Punch Drunk Love and the Master. 

This trailer looked very funky, combining the era of the 70s with some coming-of-age, new Hollywood vibes. PTA is obviously very familiar with the era, as he made one of the best 70s set movies of all time in the aforementioned Boogie Nights. There is potential for this to be the best movie of the year, so keep it on your radar. 

A little note to Cooper's role as well: He is playing the real-life producer Jon Peters. When 'A Star is Born' was up for Oscars and other awards, Bradley Cooper got some blowback because Peters, who had been ordered to pay over $3.3 million in a sexual harassment case in 2011, was credited as producer of it. Cooper said he wasn't aware of the allegation against Peters, and that was never on set for the movie but credited as a producer since he owned the rights of the 1976 version of the movie.