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Zion Is Never Letting A Grown Man Play Piano In His Hotel Room And That's A Promise

This is now officially my favorite dumb storyline this offseason. This all stemmed from a report last week that Zion couldn't stand David Griffin and Griffin tried to win him over by playing the piano for him. (h/t NOLA)

Williamson’s relationship with Griffin had also begun to sour. Although they communicate infrequently now, Griffin tried hard in Williamson’s rookie year to forge a bond. One example: During the Pelicans’ bubble stay, Griffin asked to meet with Williamson and played the piano for him.

Listen, I don't blame Zion one bit. There are only two grown men I want playing the piano for me. Billy Joel and Barstool Carl. 

The man knows his way around the piano what can I say? But back to Zion. I want the Griffin story to be true so bad. There's just no way I can actually believe David Griffin thought the way to win Zion over would be playing the piano for him in his hotel room. I know GM's and owners and basically all front office guys are stiffs that don't get current players, but there's no chance Griffin looked around and went yep, this is how it works. 

It does lead to the funniest image out there though. Zion just sitting on the edge of the bed thinking Griffin is there to talk to him about the future of the Pelicans only to hear Piano Man. 

It's kind of amazing how the Pelicans just keep fucking up having a young star. Anthony Davis wanted out obviously and now we have all the reports about Zion not being happy. At some point it's not the players. Either way, this is the funniest comment Zion will ever make. The fact he even had to address it is so stupid that it's perfect.