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The Washington Football Team Has A Bunch Of Talented Players Who Are Being Terribly Misused By Jack Del Rio


Let's cut right to the point- Jack Del Rio sucks.  Through 3 games he has been absolutely DREADFUL at coaching the WFT defense. This is a defensive front is full of talented first round picks. The secondary brought in William Jackson III which on paper should have made the unit stronger than last year's. Chase and Sweat are a year older and should be improving. And despite all of that, the defense if fucking HORRENDOUS.

How horrendous? The most horrendous.




I put 80% of the blame on Jack Del Rio. His scheme is the most vanilla defensive scheme I've ever seen. He doesn't blitz, even on 3rd downs. He plays soft zones and hardly disguises the coverage, allowing QBs to pick the defense apart. We have seen it all 3 weeks and nothing has changed. 3rd and 15 might as well be 3rd and inches with how poorly they play on 3rd downs. I've never seen anything like it. Justin Herbert picked us apart, Daniel Jones looked like Joe Montana, and yesterday Josh Allen didn't have a hand in his face all game. It is criminal that Jack Del Rio has taken a unit that was poised to be in the top 5 and turned them into the 31st ranked unit in the league. Chase Young has zero sacks. The linebackers can't cover a flea. Corners are being burnt like they are Josh Norman. Anything that could go wrong, is going wrong. 

The solution is to bring in a defensive mind who doesn't live in the year 2007. Someone with creativity. Someone who will get these players to execute properly. To get to the QB. To cover a WR. Because it ain't working for Jack Del Rio. These guys are too talented to be wasted like this. Sure guys like Chase and Sweat could be better. But I don't think they are to blame. And they will be fine in the long run. People who are jumping ship on Chase because of 3 sackless games need to pump the brakes a bit, he'll be a perennial double digit sack guy the rest of his career. Very well might still be this year, it's early. But JDR being the defensive coordinator is not helping, that's for sure.

What's next for the WFT? Thankfully Matt Ryan next week...but then look....



Jameis. Mahomes. Rogers. Teddy Bridgewater who is having a pretty good season, and then Brady. YIKES.

I'm not saying the season is over already or anything dramatic like that. I'm saying if Jack Del Rio doesn't figure it out, they better find someone else who will.