The BEST Movies And Shows Coming To Hulu In October

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The Untouchables - October 1st


This is one of my favorite mob movies ever. Costner, Connery & Garcia are a fantastic combination, and De Niro delivers the second best performance of Al Capone only behind Stephen Graham in Boardwalk Empire. This movies got great music, intensity, lines and moments.

Signs - October 1st

This scene still freaks me out to this day, which is kind of crazy considering the fact that it isn't exactly the most realistic or scary looking alien. Anyway, this movie is still a great work of sci-fi suspense that holds up on rewatch. 

Air Force One - October 1st

This is one of the only fictional presidents I would even consider putting in the same class as Whitmore and for good reason. A stoic badass that wants nothing more than to save his family from a great psychopath Russian played very well by Gary Oldman. 


October 1st: A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Air Force One, Ali, Cedar Rapids, Crimson Tide, Date Night, Dr. No, Flatliners, From Russia With Love, Goldeneye, Goldfinger, Happy Feet, The Hunger Games Franchise, Mad Max, The Mask of Zorro, Rushmore, Signs, Sleepless in Seattle, Snatch, The Star Trek Movies, Sweet Home Alabama, Total Recall, The Untouchables, The Village, What About Bob


October 30th: Slumdog Millionaire

 October 30th: 12 Years a Slave, 21, 30 Days of Night, 30 Minutes or Less, Air Force One, Ali, Attack the Block, Chaplin, Flatliners, Hoosiers, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Mud, Planes trains & Automobiles, Revolutionary Road, Walking Tall, Watchmen, We Were Soldiers