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The Jaguars Ability To Waste 1st-Round Picks Continues As The Team Trades Another Top-10 Selection Still On His Rookie Deal

Fucking painful, dude. This team is just painful. Now, I dont think CJ Henderson was a good pick. I didnt think it at the time and most pundits didnt either. However, former GM Dave Caldwell had a decent track-record with finding corners. It was probably his best position for evaluations over his tenure in Jacksonville. However, CJ Henderson was ALWAYS a reach. He wasnt physical, lacked elite speed and ball skills. Just a bad pick. Perhaps the biggest mark on his eval was his desire to play. He was pretty open behind closed doors that football wasnt everything in his life. While that make sense to most folks, it's not what you wanna hear from a top 10 pick on a team that needs help everywhere. 

Tight End is a huge need for the Jaguars and has been FOREVER. 

While those plays aren't exactly all-pro level, they are certainly better than what the Jaguars trotted out at Tight End this year especially after starting tight end James O'Shaughnessy went on the IR with a bad ankle. Here's what happened with the TE yesterday.

Over the last 3 weeks, the Jaguars have had huge drops from the Tight Ends, well and all the other positions too, that ended drives too early or ended them in the red zone. Cannot have that on a team like this. This team doesn't have the talent to overcome big mistakes like the one above or the missed kicks that have been showing up all year.


Anyway, here's a recap of 1st round picks since 2011.

Blaine Gabbert: gone before rookie contract over

Justin Blackmon: out of the league before year 3

Luke Joeckel: cant miss OT that missed and is out of the league

Blake Bortles: Out of the league

Dante Fowler: traded before rookie contract was over

Jalen Ramsey: traded before rookie contract was over. All Pro for the Rams after forcing trade

Leonard Fournette: released in training camp 3 and won super bowl with the Bucs

Taven Bryan: trash but on the team

Josh Allen: GOOD! Still on the team

CJ Henderson: traded today after a disappointing year. Just one year lol

KLavon Chaisson: undersized and underwhelming. Just a guy. 

Trevor Lawrence: WOOHOO

Travis Etienne: Injured so hard to say

And that list is why bad teams stay bad. Cannot win like that. Fuck

Please be good, Dan. Please.