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The Bears Need To Fire Matt Nagy Today Before He Ruins Justin Fields

This is just a disgusting graphic. The other thing they didn't include in this graphic is that of the 20 passes that Fields was actually able to get off he only had 5 guys blocking. Not TE or RB chips on rushers. No extra help. Just 5 guys on pass routes and Nagy looking at Fields and saying "good luck" like Marco from Tropoja while Myles Garrett doubled Robert Quinn's sack total from 2020 and Clowney ripped off Justin Fields' head from the other side. He can get up in the post-game press conference and apologize and hold himself accountable, like he did, but it honestly can't matter anymore. We've been through that with the "I'm not an idiot" commentary before. I personally tried to be positive in the summer and tried to give him the benefit of the doubt even though he didn't to anything to deserve it. Saying it the press conference actually pisses me off because maybe you had one game plan that you thought would work leading up to the game. Well it was obviously VERY early that Garrett fucked up that game plan. Despite the Browns completely and utterly dominating the Bears for the first 30 minutes the score was only 10-3 at the half. The Bears could've gone in and made adjustments at half time to make the game competitive and give Fields a chance at success in his first ever start. Nagy didn't do that. He hung his young franchise QB out to dry and he's honestly lucky Fields was able to walk out of that game under his own power. He did nothing to change. He never went heavy with two TEs. 7 snaps for Jimmy Graham

Nobody would ever say that Jimmy Graham is a good blocker, but having him inline and at least getting a chip on Clowney or Garrett probably would've helped the Bears not get sacked 9 times and not have the worst offensive production in 100 years of football

The Bears never fire anyone mid-season, but the next 5 years at least are tied to Justin Fields. More so Justin Fields than Nagy or Pace. The Bears ownership can't let a lame duck coach ruin another decade. It's time to act swiftly. Let Bill Lazor call the plays. Let a head hunter hire the next GM so Ted Phillips can't get another one wrong and let's protect the Bears only hope for a future. Enough is enough.