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Rory Finally Got His 2021 Ryder Cup Highlight When He Put On A Dancing Clinic At The Party Last Night

Oh don't hurt em Rory! Honestly, I love seeing someone like Rory breaking out the same dance moves as guys like me and you. Just staying in his element. He learned from Hitch and isn't moving more than 6 inches left or right. Just a couple snaps and shakes. Even better that it's happening during Jump Around. Yeah they are in Wisconsin, maybe they could learn something here. 

Maybe stay with the Gus head nod. Second coolest announcer in the world behind Raft. Yeah, personally I think it should just be the US team partying, but it's golf. These guys are with each other every week of the year. Not exactly a surprise to see Rory and other Europeans at the party. I'll tell you what though? Harris English stumbling around is my kind of dude. That's a guy who is feeling good and doesn't need to hide it. I said it yesterday but the US party was guaranteed to be a good time. 

DJ all but confirmed he'd be up all night. Not even lying when I say I'm desperate to see videos of him at the party. 

Xander quickly flew up my rankings of who on the US team I'd want to party with the most. 

Yeah, I know Rory won his singles match but that was mostly irrelevant. The Ryder Cup was done coming into Sunday. He got smoked during the team events. He even delivered a hell of an interview, but his true highlight was dancing to Jump Around. 

The only thing better is seeing 19-9 USA.