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Matt Nagy Is The Most Hated Person In Chicago Right Now

I'll start by saying Matt Nagy seems like a genuinely good dude. His players seem to like him on a human level and to hate him because he sucks at calling plays in football games might not be completely fair. I get it, but after yesterday's game he's officially public enemy #1 in Chicago. He got MASSACRED on the internet following yesterday's shitshow, and it's deserved. He's not good at this and changes have to be made. 

With that said, I've always been of the opinion that part of being a fan of any given team is being miserable when they lose. For me, I want to wake up on Monday mornings miserable after the Bears throw up a stinker. I want every single highlight on ESPN, website dissecting the game, and radio station/podcast to make me sick when breaking down how my team fucked up. If it were constant, constant success I just don't think being a sports fan would be quite as fun. Not that I've ever experienced constant success, but you get my point. Gotta roll with the lows because that makes winner all the sweeter. That's why I'm so in love with this current White Sox team; they sucked for 5 years to get to where they are now. 

Matt Nagy and the Bears are not that anymore though. They're so uninspiring to watch that I have become completely apathetic about them.  How can I not be when Matt Nagy's led offense put up these numbers yesterday?

Absolutely putrid, yes, but at the same time I just don't care really. As Kap said in the clip above, Matt Nagy shouldn't have an office tomorrow. Pretty sure that if what we saw yesterday happened with 31 other organizations, the head coach would be fired the following day. Might not even have a seat on the flight back home. 31 other organizations would see this kinda shit:

This is a borderline must watch rant ^^^

And think to themselves, "we are really fucking up and really fucking up badly".

That's not how the Bears operate though. I understand there are still a LOT of people that are so emotionally and financially invested in this team and organization that they're absolutely livid this morning, but I've reached the point where I just don't give a shit:

Giphy Images.

It's sad. After years of trying to replace Lovie Smith and failing miserably, I just can't feel too much emotion surrounding the Bears any more, and it sucks. I want to be pissed. I want to be disgusted. I want to eviscerate Nagy on the internet. I'm not. I'm just whatever. They're doing exactly what I expect them to do. I'm sure Matt Nagy will finish out the year, he'll get fired, George McCaskey and Ted Phillips will give a presser that talks about how pissed off Virginia is at all the losses, how they're hellbent on sticking the landing for the next coach/GM hires, and round and round we'll go only to probably be here against in 2-3 seasons. 

It is what it is. Thankfully for you all, Eddie still loses sleep over this team. We'll have a full breakdown of yesterday's shit show tomorrow on our postgame and I'd guess Eddie will come out guns blazing. If I know him like I think I do, he's not apathetic like I am. He'll be ready to go for the masses, because I can't get there anymore. I've seen this movie too many times. 

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