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A Texas A&M Fan Wants to Submit a Freedom of Information Act Request for a Conversation Between Refs to Find Out How the Aggies Got Screwed

I love college football so much. I guarantee you that you can't find me an NFL fan trying to submit a Freedom of Information Act request for a conversation between officials because their team lost yesterday, but this Texas A&M fan isn't going to accept that loss to Arkansas without running it all the way up the food chain.

It's fairly obvious this guy has absolutely no clue what FOIA is or what it's used for, but I love that he thinks it can be used for a conversation between two officials — that presumably wasn't recorded — during a college football game. He just remembered a College Station reporter providing the details of Kevin Sumlin's buyout from a FOIA request and probably thinks it's used exclusively for questions you have about Texas A&M football.

Also, you can't start your post by saying A&M lost because it played like shit and then try to petition the federal government to provide you a transcript of a conversation between refs. If you're going that far, you're blaming the refs — for a 10-point loss in which you only scored one touchdown, no less.

If I had to guess, the Aggies lost because they were quite literally propelling opposing players into the end zone.

I hope this guy actually does submit a FOIA request, though, just so somebody who works for the U.S. government has to type up an official document denying his petition for a transcript of a replay conversation between SEC officials.

Never change, college football.