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Jason Isbell Reminded Me How Grateful I Am To Quit Drinking

It was my first time checking out this amazing venue and I was blown away! Surrounded by the East River, you can see both the New York and Brooklyn skylines. Lights were even bouncing off the Empire State Building.

The fall weather was perfect both nights too. I am finally beginning to understand the immense hype on fall in New York.

I had heard lots of great reviews about Isbell from close friends for years. He was the former lead guitar player in The Drive By Truckers in early to mid 2000s and can really wail.

Many people feel Isbell is also one of the best songwriters of this generation. He is a sober advocate and is open about his battles which fans identify with.

His message resonated with me so much on Friday night that I went back Saturday for a 2nd night. I especially loved his song “Cover Me Up” where he talks about putting the demons down for good. Today is 17 months no alcohol for me and I felt overwhelmed with gratitude this weekend.

I was at the show Friday with one of my best high school friends who is a lawyer for a hedge fund up here. We have come a long long way from Monroe, Louisiana. And the point hit me that there’s no way I would have made it to Barstool if I did not clean up my life.

I quit drinking on April 27, 2020 and I launched from unemployed to ESPN Baton Rouge to Barstool Sports. I also lost weight and am way healthier. None of this is a coincidence and these shows felt like a celebration to me.

Isbell finished the 2 night run with Rolling Stones cover “Can You Hear Me Knockin’” that rocked. I will def be attending more of his shows in the future. I also cannot wait to get back to the gorgeous Rooftop at Pier 17!


Thanks to Lindita Rugova of Pier 17 for hosting me and a Friday ticket. Also thanks to the stoolie who sent me his tickets Saturday that he could not use. I promise I made it worth it!