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Oh FUCK Yeah: Scientists Find Human Footprints In New Mexico That Are 23,000 Years Old

Many researchers are sceptical of evidence for humans in the North American interior much earlier than 16,000 years ago. Now, a team working in New Mexico has found scores of human footprints dated to between 23,000 and 21,000 years old. The discovery could transform views about when the continent was settled. It suggests there could have been great migrations that we know nothing about. And it raises the possibility that these earlier populations could have gone extinct. The footprints were formed in soft mud on the margins of a shallow lake which now forms part of Alkali Flat in White Sands. The research has been published in the journal Science.

HUGE day for the old shit community which is small in numbers, but we are passionate. I love shit like this. The common thinking had always been that humans didn't walk their asses over here until like 12,000 BC. Now...not only did they come thousands of years before that, but people made it all the way to fucking New Mexico. 

Thinking about Ancient human beings is wild. They lived with the same basic brain as us. We've had essentially the same brain function for like 200,000 years with reasoning and language skills. Yet...we did all the cool brain shit in only like the last 500 years which results in our feeble soft bodies that we see today. 

I can't believe that humans forever have been like "ehh...fuck this place, I am leaving" and then they just walk and walk and walk and walk until they go from Africa to the very tip of Russia to all the way down to the end of the Earth in Patagonia. Something in our brains that says "I wonder what is over the horizon? It has to be better than this shit". And then we just go. This morning I woke up early and realized that I needed garbage bags, coffee, and food because my fridge was completely empty. There is a grocery store roughly 150 yards from my house. I eventually did walk over there to get shit I needed, but it was a tough decision. Our ancestors walked THOUSANDS of miles just for the chance to wrestle a wooly mammoth so they could eat for the first time in a week. I mean these people walked down to America and saw things that would blow our fucking minds. Giant Beavers, sabertooth tigers, the short face bear and all the other cool shit that went extinct that we talked about on Dogwalk last year

Imagine walking into North America, seeing an 11 foot tall bear that can run 30 miles per hour in the area and thinking to yourself, "yep...this is the place. This is home. Honey, this is where we are going to raise our children". Unbelievable. This just shows that there is so much stuff that we don't understand about ourselves and our history. We should stop just blindly accepting things reported as concrete fact so we can be open to learning new stuff all the time. Like...who discovered America