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Shaq Diving Into A Crowd And Losing His Mind At Lost Lands Festival Is A Wild Sight To Behold

I can’t get enough of these videos. Mostly because Shaq is just a gigantic human being. It’s absolutely preposterous to see someone that size look at a crowd of averaged sized humans and go yep, this is going to work. He basically looks like a wrestler going off the top rope. God, I love those moves. 

I respect how Shaq will show up to these festivals and go from playing there to having a damn good time. He's just a gigantic kid anyways. He's always looking for a good time and honestly that's what makes him Shaq. What other mega celebrity in every single commercial ever, would do this? No one. He doesn't care that he's Shaq. At Lost Lands he's just Diesel. Again, going back to wrestling it's kind of like Mick Foley turning into Cactus Jack or Mankind. The same person, but not. It makes sense in my head at least. 

The man LOVES festivals too. He loves bouncing around in the mosh pits and just having a hell of a time. 


I still want to see him really get into it with one of these regular sized humans in there with him. Imagine him just tossing dudes in the club like they are Chris Dudley in the post. I need him to go back to the late 90s/early 2000s Shaq and body dudes. Honestly love seeing him just let loose and have a good time. We need more big names to be like him here.