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Monday Morning Wellness Check On Urban Meyer (0-3)

If my memory serves me correctly, Urban Meyer won his first 24 games at Ohio State. In his entire 17 year head coaching career spanning from Bowling Green to Utah to Florida to Columbus, Urban has only lost more than 3 games one time. He went 7-5 in the rugged SEC and still smoked Penn State in the Outback Bowl. His worst season ever. This man's body simply does not know how to lose. 

It's coming folks, I can feel it. 

USC voicemail after Week 1 loss to the Texans: "Hey Coach, just wanted to let you know that we are doing our best to squash any rumors. We wish you luck coaching the Jaguars. Here's our number if you ever need anything"

USC voicemail after Week 2 loss to the Broncos: "We understand you're committed to the Jags long term. Just wish the timing worked out better"

USC voicemail after Week 3 loss to the Cardinals: "Just wanted to let you know that if decide you like the college game better, we'd love to talk to you after your season"

USC if Urban and the Jaguars lose to the Bengals this Thursday night:

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I know Urban is a 3-time National Champion that has coached on the biggest stage multiple times, but is it crazy to say that Thursday night's matchup against the Bengals is the biggest in his career? If Urban can't get a win against Cincinnati, I'm not sure he ever wins an NFL game. Rutgers isn't walking through that door the following week. Northwestern isn't on the Jags schedule this year. This here is the NFL, and Urban doesn't have the best 22 players on the field 10 weeks out of the year anymore. He's going to have to outcoach someone and uhh, I wouldn't call that his strong suit.

And as of 20 minutes ago, it appears building a roster may not be his strong suit either….

Moving on from last year's #9 overall pick to snag a backup tight end? Urban Meyer is either going to take the USC job or ruin Trevor Lawrence's career. There is no middle ground.