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Blake Martinez Tore His ACL And I'm Starting To Think The Giants Might Be In A Smidge Of Trouble

And the hits keep on coming! Yesterday I was asking for heads to roll and after reading this news, I volunteer my own head if John Mara doesn't want to hold anybody else accountable for this 0-3 start. When Blake Martinez got dinged up last season, the entire defense wasn't nearly as crisp, which really put the Giants behind the 8 ball because they had an offense that refused to play like it was later than 1996.

So I can't imagine what that defense that is not playing nearly as well as last year is going to look like when their quarterback and best tackler is gone for the rest of the season. Actually I can and it's not good at all! 

I am absolutely gutted for Blake, who has been as good off the field as he has been on it and was my darkhorse for the next Blake of the Year. I guess we can just embrace the suck now and start looking up 2022 mock drafts since I don't think anybody is going to fix this team that was fatally flawed before their leaders started going down and based on what I saw yesterday, the Giants may have the top 2 picks of the draft.

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Time to lean on my fantasy team and any bets I responsibly place on the Barstool Sportsbook to scratch my football itch. God dammit I am so sick of the season being over before October (This sentiment also carries over for the Mets).