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The US Didn't Just Win The Ryder Cup, They Thoroughly Kicked Europe's Ass And It Was AWESOME

Banks will have his full recap up a little later tonight, but I wanted to get this up now that it's official. That was an ass kicking and by God it was beautiful. From start to finish, well, outside of the first match, it was beautiful. Kind of hilarious looking back on Friday and realizing Spieth/Thomas low key got destroyed in the very first match of the Ryder Cup. Since then? Ho hum ass kicking. It's fitting that Morikawa drilled the putt to clinch the Ryder Cup too. He was lights out. I said it in an earlier blog but DJ going 5-0-0 and somehow not being the clear cut USA MVP is really what makes this team special. They were deep, they were loaded. 

Everything Stricker did was correct. He set up the teams perfectly with Xander/Cantlay and DJ/Morikawa. Hell, even Bryson and Scheffler were an awesome team, both going 2-0-1 during the Ryder Cup. He stuck with the gameplan and mixed and matched what he had to. Couple that with the fact that US is just unbelievably loaded and you get this ass kicking. We needed it. We got our ass kicked in France. We've only won 3 Ryder Cups since the calendar hit 2000. The best part? Everyone delivered. 

Finau and Cantlay both had quotes today about how they wanted to send a message. Cantlay dared the team to get 20 points. We have a shot. We're at 17.5 points and 1UP and tied in 2 matches. This team deserves to set the record. Start to finish ass kicking.